The Artist Proposes

Group Exhibition - Platform Residency
Site Gallery, Sheffield
December 2015

Exhibited Works:
There Are No Firm Rules - Postcard Print
UnEarth - Multi Media Installation
Process (Anna Chrystal Stephens) - C-type Print

The Artist Proposes is a showcase exhibition offering insight into the Platform residency programme, exploring the ideas and enthusiasms of six future artists in residence:

Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson
Beatriz Olabarrieta
Laura Wilson
Anna Chrystal Stephens & Glen Stoker

From sculptures that speak, to focus groups that transition into game-like performances; from artists hunting for mushrooms, to dancers and bread bakers working together in the gallery – Platform residencies enable interaction between artists and the public at the work-in-progress stage.

A Sick Logic is an ongoing collaborative project with Anna Chrystal Stephens exploring elements of contemporary existence and alternative living strategies. Following a suspicion that the current socio-political and ecological systems of governance are failing, A Sick Logic explores alternative ways of living as a practical political response to a dark seeming future landscape.

See the A Sick Logic blog for more details.
Anna Chrystal Stephens & Glen Stoker, Hip
image: Anna Chrystal Stephens
Anna Chrystal Stephens & Glen Stoker, There Are No Firm Rules, Postcard Print
image: Anna Chrystal Stephens
A Sick Logic, UnEarth (f) Process (b), Gallery installation view
A Sick Logic, Unearth, Gallery installation view
A Sick Logic, There Are No Firm Rules, Gallery installation view
Glen Stoker is a visual artist concerned with ideas of existence and our relationship with the land and our socio-political surroundings. With a main focus on film, photography, performance and installation, work takes place predominantly in the Public Realm.

design by and glen stoker