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February 2016

A 3 stage project, incorporating a 5-week Platform residency at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in collaboration with Anna Chrystal Stephens. A Sick Logic explores elements of contemporary existence, alternative living strategies, re-learning and knowledge transfer as a practical political response to a perceived over-reliance on technology, and a dark seeming future socio-political landscape.

Heath #2, 2015
Through public facing working methods, we aim to explore survival techniques and living strategies in the context of the ongoing UK housing crisis and a perceived over-reliance on technology. An initial period of research will enhance our working knowledge and skills, achieved through a series of field trips and workshops, including training in shelter-building and bushcraft, fire-making, plant identification, permaculture and tool-making.

Vessels, 2015
During the residency at Site Gallery, we will be able to test this learning through a series of activities; talks, seminars, workshops and studio time.

The project includes:

The Artist Proposes
Group Exhibition, Site Gallery, December 2015

▸ Research & Development March - July 2016

▸ Platform Residency
Site Gallery, Sheffield in July/August 2016

▸ A project publication, November 2016

▸ Exhibition, November 2016

▸ 2 public talks (dates/venues tbc)

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A Sick Logic is funded by Arts Council England and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation / Site Gallery (Residency)
Hip, 2015
left, Burdock preparation, right mushroom identification, 2015
top Bracken, 2015
bottom detail, Richard Mabey, Plants with a Purpose, 1974

Stove, instructional video, 2015
Glen Stoker is a visual artist concerned with ideas of existence and our relationship with the land and our socio-political surroundings. With a main focus on film, photography, performance and installation, work takes place predominantly in the Public Realm.

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